The story behind our name 

                              Senior Watercolor Exhibition in front of original painting "Gospel Community". Photo by  Jillian Zamora Photography

                              Senior Watercolor Exhibition in front of original painting "Gospel Community". Photo by Jillian Zamora Photography


H2o Hue Art Studio 


 I never thought  that I'd give up my pediatric oncologist dreams behind to pursue a career in the visual arts. I started college as unorthodox pre-med student that wanted to major in art instead of biology or chemistry.

For two years, I played the role of a microbiologist, physicist & chemist during the day and painter at night. Although I enjoyed science and wanted to be a doctor, I had more interest in staying up painting than reading my textbooks. 

After attending my first mission trip to Mexico, I couldn't ignore the call I felt to become an educator. It didn't take long for me to drop my pre-med status and change my major to Visual Art Studies. 

Later that year, I took my first watercolor class in order to fulfill my painting requirements. Little did I know, I'd become head over heels over the medium. I loved the way water was a catalyst in the process of painting & how every layer build on the previous one. After going back and forth I decided to become a double major in Watercolor.  

H2o Hue Studio (H2o = water + Hue = color) was the name of the painting studio where the advanced watercolor majors worked in.  Millie Giles, our Watercolor Professor was our greatest advocate and one of the main reasons I stayed in the program. With her help and the constructive criticism of my peers I saw tremendous growth in my studio work. I loved painting in the studio, especially when I had the opportunity to paint alone. There was something magical about being in such a creative space. After graduating in 2012, the Watercolor studio shortly closed as the University of North Texas combined the Watercolor Program into the Drawing & Painting Department. 

Our art classes started organically in our cozy home in the Winter of 2016 after several friends expressed their desire to learn creative outlets. I asked my Professor if I could name our art studio after the place that unlocked, equipped, and encouraged the creative within me.......she said YES!

I love how the name encompasses my love for science and art.  

Hope to see you soon!